Brian Robertson – Diamonds And Dirt (2011)

Artist : Brian Robertson
Album : Diamonds And Dirt
Year : 2011
Genre: Hard Rock
Country: United Kingdom

1.”Diamonds And Dirt” (Brian Robertson)
2.”Passion” (Brian Robertson)
3.”It’s Only Money” (Phil Lynott)
4.”Mail Box” (Frankie Miller)
5.”Running Back” (Phil Lynott)
6.”Texas Wind” (Brian Robertson)
7.”Devil In My Soul” (Brian Robertson)
8.”Do It Till We Drop (Drop It)” (Frankie Miller/Jeff Barry/Brian Robertson)
9.”Blues Boy” (Brian Robertson/Phil Lynott)
10.”That’s All…!” (Brian Robertson)
11.”10 Miles To Go On A 9 Mile Road” (Jim White)
12.”Running Back” (Slow Version)
13.”Ain’t Got No Money” (Bonus Track)

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